The Underground Treehouse


San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy bookstore manages to strike a welcoming balance between homey and gothic. Dark purple walls and grey, well-stuffed shelves give their inventory—a specialized blend of horror, science fiction, and mystery—the feel of a collection of dusty, forgotten treasures in the attic of a slightly creepy literature professor. (I wish to point out that the shop is very well kept, lest I appear to be disparaging the cleanliness standards of the venerable Mysterious Galaxy staff). A stuffed Yoda doll attached to the wall near the sci-fi section, and a full-sized, plastic gargoyle perched on the corner of a horror shelf, greet you as you progress toward the back of the room. The oddly friendly atmosphere weaved into the shadows gives one the impression that the Gargoyle probably has a name. I imagine that it’s something like, “Fred,” or, “Chuckles.”

The store boasts little open floor space, but the wide…

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