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Well, the unfortunate day has finally come: I have no choice but to give the Twilight series some legitimate credit. Hold on, fellow Anti-Twilight-ers: at least let me explain before you start throwing tomatoes.

Between 2005 and 2011, the bafflingly phenomenal success of Twilight did two things:

  1. It brought everything related to Vampires that had been created in the last ten years back to the forefront; and
  2. It sent Vampire fiction enthusiasts diving for their war drums.

Most of them took their ire to the internet, and from what I saw, their favorite weapon was comparison.  The more Twilight hate I followed online, the more Buffy discussion I found: references and inside jokes I did not understand and diatribes arguing that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was essentially the anti-Twilight that exemplified what real Vampire fiction was meant to embody. The most intriguing of these arguments was actually a Youtube video of Buffy Summers “meeting” Edward Cullen that created an entire story arch using clips from BtVS interspersed with clips from the first Twilight movie. Before I had spent any time in Sunnydale, this effort was intriguing but mystifying; after I understood the references and recognized the clips it became six minutes of pure, distilled awesome.

Anyway, after a few months of this kind of priming, I noticed that season two of the show was available for free on Hulu and decided to give it a shot, and that was it. I was hooked within two episodes.

I never bothered with Buffy when it first ran in the late 90’s and early 2000’s because I have never considered myself a Vampire fiction person. It was only after Twilight made Vampires the big thing and inspired a flood of lament-laden, enraged comparisons to Buffy the Vampire Slayer that my curiosity was aroused enough to try the show. I quickly discovered that Buffy was essentially a sardonic twist on classic Gothic horror. I might not be a Vampire fan, but I am a huge fan of the horror genre in general, and Buffy’s well-executed horror aesthetic, flippant sense of humor, and complex character development easily overcame my general aversion to the “creature of the night” tradition. I was in love almost immediately, and I never would have given it a second look had it not been for Twilight. I don’t reget it for a second, but that’s still something that I have to live with every day.

The Twilight connection notwithstanding, Buffy turned out to be such a gothic good time that I thought it deserved a closer second look. Thus, the plan for a retrospective was born. The game plan, in short, is to reflect on the series one episode at a time, with episode posts being supplemented with posts on characters, themes, story arcs, and anything else that strikes me as worth talking (or ranting) about.

It’s high time to dust off the cross bow and head back to the Hell Mouth. So, who’s with me?

Just because I’m nosey, here’s a quick question to start things off: How did you first discover BtVS?

Because the Buffy-Edward assk kicking i just is too awsome to keep to myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZwM3GvaTRM