Oh…heh—hi, y’all.

I could say that I’ve been busy or that I’ve been pouring all of my attention into this year’s Julnowrimo, or that my compound was recently attacked by a hoard of spinal-fluid drinking zombies and there’s no internet connection in the attic bunker where I’ve been holed up with nothing but my pet schnauzer and a 357 Magnum. (The air’s a little musty up here, but the view is phenomenal, and my accuracy rate has been pretty damn decent—thank you for asking.)

What I’m saying is, I could make a fuss about why things have been dead around this corner of the internet for too long—but I won’t. I’ll just admit that I dropped the ball, and declare that said ball-dropping ends today. Back in the saddle for the long trail, baby. As penance for my absence, I will be posting every day for the next seven days, and then once every week from then on, spinal-fluid zombies be damned.

The hordes really are getting louder these days, though, so I might have to get in a little target practice before I start writing. You know, to cut down on distractions.

So, here it is, kids. Let’s roll.