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Those of you familiar with ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com will recognize the general format in this review of Zack Schnider’s “Sucker Punch”: two in-character reviewers ruthlessly take apart a film that probably deserves it. On occasion, the dressings-down that takes place on this sight will pause in attacking a bad film’s acting, writing and directing long enough to take a well-aimed shot at the core of its being: its ideas. In the case of “Sucker Punch,” reviewers “Film Brain” and “JesuOtaku” take pains to point out the misogynistic soul of a movie that has the nerve to call itself “Feminist”–and the indictment is more than deserved. I thought the review was pretty good, both as comedy and as analysis, and, Fenemist stuff in Pop Culture/Nerd Culture being part of what I do, I felt compelled to share.